You are nobody’s last call

I have learnt oh so much this year and in particular in these last few months but one lesson that has stuck with me is this constant reminder to never be anybody’s last call.

Yes it is extremely tempting and so very easy to think,‘well i’d rather be his/her last call than be nothing to them at all’ as long as we are feeling, it’s better than not feeling at all right?

It’s normal to have that one person that we are susceptible to, the one we can’t say no to or seem to fully walk away from, but at some point you’ve got to raise your own bar a lot higher than merely waiting till he/she gets to you.

I refuse to believe we were designed to be the person whom they choose because they’ve run out of options or perhaps from mere apathy. Could you imagine living the rest of your life always knowing that little truth?

So as we approach this new-year, learn to walk away. Walk away from people that make you feel like you’re ‘too much work’, walk away from anyone that wouldn’t stand up for you but expect you to catch them every time, walk away from anybody that constantly, time and time again makes you their last call.

Because you do. You deserve to be picked first, to be chosen out of a sea of options, to even dare to do the choosing and not just wait to be chosen.

So here’s just a little reminder to walk away knowing that you’re worth more than being his/her last call.

(except of course in an emergency)

Love & Light



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