Year of Wows: 2016

2016, by and large has simply been a year of wow, what just happened. Everywhere you look, it seems to have been one upsetting news or another and another.

I’d describe it as a year of extreme highs and supreme heart wrenching lows.  However through it all when I look around from where I was in 2015 to where I am now and count my blessings, I sum it up from a personal perspective as a genuinely good year.

I am not a resolutions type of girl, so I had no checklist of things to achieve this year, I came into this year leaving everything from the last behind and with a new slate began 2016.And so it has been a year filled with so much, new experiences, new lessons, new people, new jobs, new locations, more adventures, more family, more fun, more love, less fear, less self-doubt, less hate, less insecurity. Confidence has quadrupled,

love has flourished, love has wilted, there has been uncontrollable tears but also nonstop laughter. I’ve gone from extreme ends of sadness to ridiculous moments of happiness.

I have felt the weight of the world on my shoulders and then felt lighter than air.

2016 has been a roller-coaster of emotions. But through it all I’m standing and for that I’m Grateful.

Now that I take account of where I am now, I realized that despite not having intentional ‘resolutions’ I still managed to achieve about 80% of everything that would have been on that list anyways.

Despite not intending to do a lot of traveling, I managed to add new countries to my list here and here. I switched career paths and finally relaunched the blog.

So this year instead of resolutions, how about making actual plans, with timeline and steps, there’s nothing wrong with writing what you want to achieve for the new year however you have to put little tasks to do and when it’ll be done, and follow with checkpoints to make sure you stay on track.

2017, I’m ready.

Love & Light D x


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