To the man I loved before meeting

Hi y’all, Happy Valentine’s Day. I’m huge believer in celebrating Love everyday, but I know we all need a reminder every so often to make our significant others feel more appreciated and more loved hence the specialness of Valentine’s day!

Anyways I rambled (as always) this out a while ago but I never really shared it (It happens sometimes, I find myself struggling with what’s private and what I should share), so in honour of lovers day I thought hey, why not! So here goes.

As I write this, I probably haven’t met you yet or maybe I have and I just don’t know it yet. But if I have, then I hope I am not too much of a pain to you. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I enjoy being difficult, this is just what I have to do to deter those time wasters who just want to take, but never to give.

As you may know I was raised by a queen to be a queen, and as such I have my standards. I have morals as high as my goals and aspirations, and I try to live my life a certain way, I push myself to go beyond the expected and work hard to get anything I want so that I will not be a burden to you, so that I can complement you and walk beside you not behind you, so that I can be your partner, and the Diva to your hustler. So you see I cannot simply let these time wasters get the better of me.

You may or may not be wealthy right now but that is okay because I know you have the ambition, the goals and a plan in place to make you a success. My God have I told you how much I admire your drive and focus?  You make me want to work harder! You make me want to be a better person so that I am content with my life and who I am, and when we come together, there is no stopping us.

You don’t need to be a religion fanatic but I need you to believe in God, be prayerful and have plenty of faith, because when the going gets tough, your strength might not be enough but your faith can see you through the way. Oh and as you ride this rollercoaster of life, should you ever find that you don’t have an inkling of how your grandest dreams will one day come to pass, don’t worry keep walking because I will meet you along the way and we can walk that walk together.

Thank you for treasuring and loving my crazy big family as I treasure yours, because without my family I would not be the Woman I am today. Every day I am thankful for the people who brought you into this world! I thank them for surrounding you with love and teaching you what a man should be, for raising you as a God-fearing, honest King who truly deserves a Queen.

Above all I thank you for loving me every day! It is not an easy feat but you do it so well and so seamlessly. Thank you for being that example to our son as what a man should be and for showing our daughter not to settle for anything less than this. I would love you again and again but that is not enough for me, so instead I’ll love you for eternity.

PS, for now keep working on yourself so that you are ready for all I am, and all I have to bring to the table, do not worry about me, I am no princess waiting on some prince charming, I can fight my own battles for now, I have my God and my beloved friends and family, so please do not worry for I am no princess but I am the Queen to your Kingship!

Love & Light Dx


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