The Eternal City – Where I fell in love

In the (insert word here) amazing? Beautiful? Mesmerizing?

Those words just don’t seem adequate. So insert your word. I’m gonna settle for mesmerizing city of ROME. My God where to start! I’m in awe of every bit of this city, it truly is so beautiful you just have to see it for yourself.

I spent 3 full days here (which simply still wasn’t enough to take it all in) travelling solo meant I could whatever I wanted, whenever. I stayed in a hotel about 8 minutes from Termini station and so on my first day after dropping off bags I wandered off to my first stop; The Colosseum! to say I was giddy with excitement is an absolute understatement. As I approached it I couldn’t help but stand and just marvel at this majestic piece of architecture which truly is awe-inducing. It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed standing in front of this site, unfortunately it was closed when I arrived therefore I couldn’t go in (On my list for when I return) Fortunately I had made a friend who lived in Rome and was just amazingly gracious enough to bring me to all the best spots, so my next stop was the before making my down to the pantheon then walking down the exclusive shopping avenue before tossing my coin at the Trevi fountain and rounding off at the Spanish steps. Was it a lot? absolutely! Was it too much absolutely not. (Don’t ask my feet)


I ended my day with the yummiest bowl of spaghetti and the best wine I’ve had in a while (this is where the 1 glass rule defiantly applies)

My 2nd day started off early and revolved aroundthe smallest ‘City’ in the world Vatican City. Be advised come prepared for what will probably the longest queue of your life. I went on the last Sunday of the month which meant the queue was real as it was free into the city, however because it was free the queues moved ridiculously fast and within 20 minutes of opening I was in!

And here is where I fell in love. I fell completely head over heels in love. I was numb but yet feeling a thousand sensations all in one. Yes I had fallen in love with the Vatican City and all it had to offer. Which by the way was a whole LOT.

There’s simply no words for what I experienced here, I was here, a place I’ve only always dreamed of coming, to see things I’ve only ever seen in books, Right there and then I felt so on purpose so at peace with myself and so grateful for the beauty that surrounded me and at some point standing right there underneath Michelangelo’s ceiling with my gaze upwards I even shed a tear.

I can write and try to describe everything I saw here but my words will simply do it no justice.

I finished off what was a long day with a trip to the people’s square, Villa Borghese and gardens, before rounding off with the most heavenly Pizza and of course you guessed it Gelato!

My last day in Rome was pretty relaxed with a trip to the absolutely beautiful Basilica de sao Paulo (St Paul’s Church) alongside my trustee Italian friend before finally catching my flight home.

The trip itself cost me so little (even though I booked last minute) I was pleasantly surprised and all of the sites I visited were free, also it helps that I went during off-peak season as flights were dirt cheap and accommodation was surplus. By the way I walked all over the city! It is extremely easy to navigate and the only time I hopped on the metro was to visit the Vatican city.

Oh I can write and talk about Rome for days. It is such a beautiful city and I cannot recommend a visit enough.

Love D x


**All photos are owned by me or otherwise credited.

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