Letter to my 15 year old self – Part 2

Boys! Oh boys. See that cute boy who everybody has a crush on, yea everyone including you, he thinks he’s fly and hopes the moon revolves around him. No in retrospect you will realize he is not that cute, no he is not being cool by ignoring you he is being a royal dog. But don’t get upset though, he grows up,  gets fat and is still unemployed so yea he was never cool! But there’ll be boys, lots of idiotic ones who don’t make you feel better, in fact they do not bring anything to your life, sweetheart they are a distraction, they will not be worth the heartache and tears, they will not be worth pausing your life.

My dear you will have to wait. Wait till you meet a genuinely good person who truly loves and deserves you, wait to have sex don’t do it because everyone is doing it, that’ll be such a damn shame, just wait really because there is no rush.

You’ll meet some damn good ones too and when you meet them you’ll just get what I’m saying.

Travel, yes baby girl learn to save your money and travel, you’ll fall in love with the different cultures and people you meet, there truly is nothing like it. You should enjoy being young and carefree,  There’s a whole world out there waiting for you to come to it, what you have right now is not the end, the possibilities are endless once you decide to dream.

Be creative, talk more, listen more, laugh a lot more, cry too because sometimes tears are just what we need and most importantly breathe.

You think your mum is bad now, because she is always in your business? Well wait till you turn 18 it gets better, psych! Truth is it don’t make much of a difference. In fact even when you turn 23  and then 25 you will come to realize mum will ALWAYS be too much in your business, she will always annoy the living daylights out of ya. But guess what? The relationship does get better, you will come to realize that she is just a human being as well, that she is trying her best to make you the best, you’ll come to realize that she has a lot of fears even though she never shows it because after all she is MUM, you’ll come to respect her as an individual and not just your mum. She will outright become your best friend. Yes best friend, no not that type of wear friendship bracelets best friends, but the kind that you will want to tell everything in your life to, you’ll start enjoying going shopping and going to lunch with her, you will gradually be the one encouraging her and giving her the strength she needs to live the life she sacrificed long time ago for her family, the kind of friend that even though you will never stop arguing and being mad at, you will never want to imagine your life without her in it.

Be grateful always! You’ll come to realize just how blessed you are, and how good you have it. So what your parents cannot buy you that brand new Ipod, or latest phone its okay because they’ve bought you so much more, they’ve bought you everything you needed so far maybe not what you want, but what you need! They’ve bought you an education, which in turn you can use to buy whatever you want soon enough. You’ll buy the latest Iphone 7, yea they make those now, and a mac, and a camera, and the list is endless all because they bought you exactly what you need.

Oh learn to cook! it comes in handy. Maybe start a blog? Learn the foundation of investing! Learn photography or maybe learn some coding?

Oh dear girl, I could write to you for days, but I won’t so I’ll stop here, because you will get to experience it all soon enough, the ups and the downs, the endless tears and frustration, the fights at home with your parents and siblings, the leaving cert exams, college exams, endless assignments, boyfriends, best friends, weddings, babies, there’s just so much more living to do.

PS; My darling, remember you’ve got so much going for you, going right! But I know at 15 if truly feels like your world is coming to an end. Fret not because here you are, at 25 stronger, happier, more experienced and definitely still figuring it out. The tears doesn’t stop completely, they’ve just become a little less frequent but at least you’ve learnt to make good use of them and have realized not everybody is worth them.

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