Introduction to the musings of a single 20-something girl

Hi everybody thank you for continuously reading the blog, I hope you are loving it!

Hope you are very well, and the new year is going well so far! Can you just believe we are at the end of January 2017 *gasps* I just can’t believe it! This year is just racing by!

Anyways onto the point of this write up!  I am so excited to finally release something that has been on my mind for a while now……. Drum roll please……….

There’s a new section on the blog that will be dedicated to the joysss of being a Single black girl in her mid 2o’s navigating the dating scene in London!

The stories are not mine, but they are very much real! they are combinations of different single professional girls in my life expressing their many trials and error on this journey to finding eternal love and becoming a Mrs!

I hope it will be entertaining, I hope it will be encouraging, I hope it will be loved and I hope it’ll be very much real!

Let me know what you think, and don’t forget to click the share button 😉

Love & Light D x


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