I hated being 24!

Before I even turned 24, I had already written a post about how much I was dreading that age! It was so bad, I got palpitations with the thought of turning 24. Thing is I had 5 months left as a 23 years old, but it felt like I couldn’t really enjoy that because I was busy freaking out about turning the next age, like really freaking out! I’ve generally never been one to worry about the future because even though I have a plan, I don’t feel the need to follow it to the T, I believed in spontaneity and adaptability which makes life a little more interesting.

But there was just something about 24! And when it came, it hit with the full force of a truck, I struggled. Read about it here

People seem to think 25 is the age you start to panic, like really panic about stuff like careers, life partner, life plans, being successful etc

But I think they’ve got this wrong I think turning 24 is that little time in your life when you realize you are truly no longer a child, or a teen, or a young adult, the little things that seem to not bug you before just suddenly become huge things, exponentially bigger to become massive issues that keep you awake at all odd times of the night. It’s not like I physically felt any difference in this change of age but mentally I felt like I was having my own personal mid-life crises at 24!

I really enjoyed being 21/22 especially when I worked in a firm where everyone is older than me and say things like ‘wow you are so young’.

However 24 felt so super far away from 21 for me, I could no longer categorize myself as ‘young’, I couldn’t comprehend how I went from 21 to 24 so suddenly,  I found myself in moments counting how many years I have till I turn 30! How could I possibly have been worried about something that isn’t for another 6 years?!  And the things I would or wouldn’t have done in that time! Marriage, kids, established career.. and I just absolutely freeeeaaaked!

It’s like that nauseating feeling just before you do something crazy like skydiving or bungee jumping. Except turning 24 should have felt normal, it’s after all natural and it shouldn’t feel so daunting, but it did and I know It sounds a little silly but it is what it is!

It felt like I was dumped into the ocean left to sink or swim. Oh well so there certainly was something about 24!  And I am glad it’s come and gone.

Has there been a particular age that you didn’t like? How did you make it through? leave your thoughts below.

Love D x

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