How come you are single?

I am soooo that girl! You know that girl that nobody believes when she says she’s not in a relationship? Yea her. Yup that me.

I don’t even know why and how it happened but it seems over time that because people didn’t know what the story was with my personal life *perks of growing in a small city – everybody knows your ish* they just assumed I’m off the market. Sigh!

Talk about cock-blocking yourself 101. I cannot even begin to tell you the dangers of this literally aside from the obvious fact that I might become a granny with a 100 cats! *good thing I like them*

It’s actually taxing having to explain to everyone you know *including your mother* that you are single! without them ever believing you. Seriously I don’t know how else to make them believe me. Dear karma what did I ever do wrong?

Lol my dear mother especially thinks I must be hiding him, for reasons I’m still not sure of. I think it’s because she can’t seem to wrap her head around how you can be in your mid 20s and not have a partner. Really? was it really that easy back then?  According to her I’m falling behind in this department, never-failing to remind me how at my age she already had me, her darlin’ second child *sighs*

For the most part, I don’t really care cause I’ve learnt over the years to tune my mother out *yea I tune my mother out, the things Nigerian mothers make you do*. I know! it’s horrible but it’s true . I DO – Sue me!

The worst part is when your peers ask that question, and I’m like ’em is there a market I don’t know of where you go once you reach a certain age and just pick ’em’, because if there is ya know show a sister the direction.

However frustrating this annoying ‘how come you are single’ question can be, try not to let it get you. It’s nobody’s business, and unless they are setting you up with someone tell them to politely butt out. (except of course if, it is a Nigerian parent – don’t play with your life)

Anyways how do you deal? Are you like me who just tunes out? or have you found better creative ways to answer this question?

Do share…

I’m not single, I’m not taken, I’m simply on reserve for the one who deserves my heart.



As always,

Love & Light, Dx

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