Boiled eggs and some honey puffs later, All hell breaks loose.

There will come a time when I have to come home and do this? Every day? *eeeecck*

Cook dinner, clean and tidy up, haggle over homework, spend time with the kids, spend some time with the hubby, prepare lunch boxes, prepare work lunches, go to the gym and on and on. Even after spending 9-5 in a busy office, add-on an hour of commute (if you’re lucky! Cause well this is London), Surely this is impossible to do and still live an actual life!

Or maybe this will be what they mean by ‘living’ life. Honestly someone needs to clarify this for me.

Eh don’t say it! Don’t even think about it. Before you say I’m just being young and selfish, let me, there’s only so many years left for me to enjoy it.

Right now as a single working class girl, my day revolves around me, me and me some more! And sometimes all the time*me can sometimes be so tiring! Working a full-time job can mean getting into a pattern of go to work, come back and be a couch potato! Seriously don’t dare me I can go longer than a week without having outside contact apart from my work and housemates. I simply cherish these moments. Honestly It is a constant struggle between my need to be social and my need to continue bonding with my bed.

Lately I find myself coming home and really struggling to make myself dinner! (is that an actual thing? Can a person actually be too tired to eat?) buh buh bup before you say it yes I have tried to meal prep and plan my meals out in little containers for later consumption. Result? Me no likey!  I wouldn’t touch it, honestly I’d just forget about the food there and it ends up in the bin. (So wasteful I know)

Okay back to the topic! The other day I came home and ate boiled eggs for dinner! No seriously boiled eggs and went to bed. (before you ask I like to think I’m an excellent cook) and this isn’t the first time this or similar has happened, it’s like the minute I’m off work I can’t wait to just switch my mind off but when my fellow twentysomething house mate came in and had ‘honey puffs’ for dinner, I couldn’t help but suddenly think wait what if we had children?  They’d be waiting for us to feed them right about now? Would we feed them cereal too? Surely that CANNOT be good!

And this got me thinking, if I am like this from just looking after myself, what happens when you add an actual home, a husband and some little humans into the mix? I’d be on a permanent level of dear God, all the time 🙁

I mean don’t get me wrong I am a girl with a Nigerian mother trust me I know what it means to run a home, how could you not, it gets drummed into your ears from the minute you’re old enough to realize that God has given you the gift of being a woman.  

Surely it can’t be just me? It can’t! Can it? Does anybody out here have this constant struggle of life after work? and why am I even already contemplating homework, when we haven’t even got to nappies – strike that I’m still single.

How does anybody do it? Will I actually get to a point where it’ll be nothing for me to go home after a full day and still be a responsible and functioning member of a family. Maybe it’ll eventually become easy breezy. Until then I guess we just have to make more effort to eat more than eggs for dinner.

Anyways to the single and lovin’ it crew what do you think, do you sometimes feel like this?

To the super humans, otherwise known as alien and sometimes referred to as wife/mum who do it seamlessly, how do you do it?

I just have to would love to know.

Oh and don’t forget to comment and share

Love & Light Dx

These are simply some of the thoughts that run through my single twenty-something head.


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  • Reply
    January 29, 2017 at 11:06 pm

    Hi hun,the thoughts of being a mom & a wife is stressful even before it happens.It always seem impossible to cope before it happens,but once it does you will be surprised at what u can do.Although its the easiest thing in d world,but its d most sweetest,especially being a mom.Its basically from one full time job to another,but u will get into the routine.That’s we are women,We are Strong!Keep it up babe?

    • Reply
      Dammi Sherri
      January 30, 2017 at 7:58 am

      Aww thank you so much for the lovely vote of confidence! I’m always awed by women that do it everyday and I hope when it does come to my turn it’ll be as sweet as they say ☺️. Thank you for reading it means the world ?

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