Being single on Valentine’s day

Ever heard of the saying ‘Single to Stupor’?

Yup that’s exactly how I felt on Valentine’s Day.

Hello Ladies, I trust you all had a great Valentine’s day, whether you’re  single, married, side chick or about to be married, I hope someway, somehow, something or someone made you smile.

Single to stupor in the dictionary of Sharon is described as a state of utter singleness (drunk in singleness), making it impossible to feel or be anymore single. This can be as a result of being single for a long period of time either by choice (like I am just too damn awesome to settle for one chewing gum man) or by force (sometimes our behaviour will just not let us be great). Ok I promise I just made that up LOL.

Now ladies repeat after me ‘ I am single, don’t pity me, I am not lonely, I chose to be single, because I am done. Done settling, done dating for the sake of company, because now I know what I want and deserve and I don’t mind waiting for IT.

It is so easy to fall into a state of unhappiness/emptiness if you get caught up in the whole social media/BellaNaija mess. Everywhere I look someone is either getting engaged, married or on baecation! and boom I start to feel sad and moments before I was like, ‘Honestly, I’m really, really cool with what I have going on right now,’  so technically I don’t think the problem is a 100% me, because I am truly happy on this journey to finding myself and becoming whole. Talk about a never ending rollercoaster ey.

The fact that I am totally in charge of own happiness is working for me right now and I feel like It’s more like the whole universe (Instagram) and BellaNaija that are tampering with my sanity.

Ladies please let me know whether you agree or disagree or think I’m just plain old crazy!

Until later,

Love Sharon x


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