5 Types of friends we all need

I’ve never been a one type of friend kind of girl, I have always had friends from various walks of life at different points in my life and at different stages of theirs.

I cannot over emphasis the importance of having different people with different perspectives surround you, honestly it keeps us from getting complacent and can sometimes even rejuvenate the conversation. Could you imagine having the people like yourself surround you all the time? How would you grow? How would you learn?

Here are 5 types of friends we all need in our clique.

The Fun one

when life gets too serious, which it does way too often! You need that one person that will cool it off and tell you, that you deserve a break! You know that one girl/guy who is always ready for a night out or a drink up or any social event really. This fun friend keeps you in the loop on what’s happening in the ‘fun’ space and stops you from becoming a recluse. This one person also tends to have a pretty impressive network of people they know, and trust me you can always find who you need in their Rolodex

The Smart one

We all need some focus tuning every once in a while! The smart one is the one that keeps the group sharp! They also tend to be the sensible one, the one that’ll tell you when something is right or wrong and often times, they are the serious one, the person who you can count on to give you solid advice because they’ll say it like it is, they are the one whom you can run to for some knowledge because they just always seem to know everything. These smarties are good to have when you need clarity on just about anything.

The Praying one

That one person that turns everything into a prayer. That will quote scriptures till kingdom comes and tell you of purifying your soul. Yes sometimes they do too much, but when your shoulders are heavy and your knees weak from this burden of life and confusion clouds everything you know, they are the ones you turn to, they’ll guide you in prayer and uplift you with sermons. They are the prayer warrior of the group and will show you light when darkness surrounds you.

The Optimistic one

Also known as the lovey dovey one! They are the ones to tell you just how perfect you are and to always look on the bright side, and of course who couldn’t do with praises like that every so often. Sometimes self doubt creeps in and we can grow wary of our own self worth, people like this often help us see the cup as half full instead of half empty. They see the good in everything and helps us to remain tough when the going gets rough.

The Dreaming one

As time goes by we get jaded, our environment and the process of growing up and facing realities can jade us. We tell ourselves to stop aiming so high and dreaming so big because we can’t reach that high. Here’s where the dreamers come in! They are the ones to remind us that our dreams are valid, they see a vision bigger than anyone else and would have their heads in the clouds most of the time. Why do we need them? To reignite the spark! To remind us to dream more and to see in ourselves what other people see in us.

So there you have it, of course you can have more than these types of characters as friends, some of them can even double into a different role. It’s not about the quantity, instead its about the quality of friends you chose to surround yourself with. Having the wrong types of friends or an unequal balance can tip the scale often times in the wrong direction.

Love & Light D x

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